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Have you ever written something and wondered how to get it published?
Are you a writer or illustrator who longs to create a published book that you can show your family and friends?
Are you an ambitious entrepreneur who wants an ethical career?

Don't let it be just a dream. This is the kick you need to seize the moment and do it. Perhaps you 'accidentally' found this page because it's exactly what you need right now to take the next step.

This course is an international email program of self-study. Each project module will be emailed to you weekly over a 10 week period, so that you don't get overwhelmed. You will have a logical plan to follow - taking you from beginner to bestseller. Just follow the steps as they are presented. Simple.

We've also thrown in tons of extra bonuses to help you succeed

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book Week 2 - Finding Your Author's Voice

Week 1: Market research to find an audience & sell more books

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

Learn all about the book industry, current competitors and trends in your chosen genre so you sound like an expert when you talk to your customers about your books. Understand how different constructs have different effects on an audience and how narrative drives the plot. This is essential for anyone who wishes to be taken seriously in the world of books and writing

  • Understand why people buy books
  • Name the four main structures of a novel
  • Learn about the effect of suspense, humour and relevance
  • Learn what audiences are looking for in their books

Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Market research sheet: A downloadable research sheet to help you gather the vital information you need to tailor your work and make it a commercial success
Market Research Analysis Spreadsheet: Automatically analyse your findings to provide useful information when writing your book.

Week 2: Finding your voice | Be true to yourself

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

How to research book readers like a professional author so you can understand, at a deep level, your audience and how to impress them.

  • Learn about the different types of narrative and genre and how they work together
  • Become an expert in what publishers are looking for and how you can match their needs
  • Understand the book industry
  • Gather future marketing data and build connections with retailers
  • Work with a wide spectrum of people and potential customers
  • Enjoy hands-on research

Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Who are you?: An exercise to help you find out your preferred writing style and how to make it better
eBook: How to get a good idea for a book
Book Template: Pre-formatted book template. Use this template to write your book and at the end you'll have a completed manuscript, ready to print. Comes complete with instructions.


Week 3: The writing formula - Laying the foundation for success

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

Of course, you can always break writing formula, but only if you know what it is. This week, we'll go through various success-formulae for creating good books and how you can subvert them to make something truly original.

  • Learn the difference between first and third person narrative and how to pick the best style for you
  • Time and flash-backs - Present-tense vs past-tense
  • Understand how the greats of literature worked so you can emulate their success
  • Learn the secret psychology behind the senses and how to write to excite them
  • Speed up action, add suspense, colour and character - just by choosing the correct words

Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Whitepaper: How to be a writer
MP3: Author websites - learn how to make a successful website

Week 4: Creating Believeable And Relevant Characters

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

Lovable characters can live on beyond your book. Rights agents can negotiate good money to use a memorable character in merchandising, product endorsements and other commercial activity seperate from your main story. Creating memorable characters is vital in this process.

  • Creating realistic characters with back-story, relationships, character flaws and colourful quirks
  • Generating realistic dialogue
  • Learn a simple maths formula to generate an outline for your story

Complimentary bonus for this section:

Character creation sheet: Use it yourself and use it in school workshops to make extra income as an expert author during school visits

Week 5: Setting & Continuity

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

Let your mind run riot this week. Consider your setting. Whether it is based in a real-life place, or the inside of an inter-galactic washing-machine factory, this week, we look at setting and continuity.

  • Drawing Maps
  • Understand the importance of reality
  • Know the land better than your reader
  • Learn how to formulate compelling settings and be consistent

Complimentary bonus for this section:

Whitepaper: What makes a good fantasy world?

Week 6: Advanced techniques and time-line management

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

Published authors use advanced techniques when crafting their books to tell the story through showing rather than telling. During this week, we will show you how flashbacks and time-line management can serve as powerful tools to explain vital elements of the plot without detracting from an exciting story.

  • Learn the many ways to create suspense and drama by holding the action in suspended animation
  • Continuity & checking elemental accuracy
  • Historical facts and authenticity
  • Switching and holding point of view and point of view characters

Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Timeline planning sheets: Print your own timeline sheets (you can take them into schools too)
Continuity planning sheets: Check the continuity of your book
Whitepaper: Tips on counting in and out.

Week 7: Branding Yourself

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

From social media to public events, every time you speak to a potential customer, people will be judging you and your books. This week, we focus on how to brand your work and build authority that you can use to sell.

  • An introduction to social media
  • Public speaking and the importance of going to events
  • Clothing, language, posture & pens - everything said and unspoken
  • Building authority Branding - what does it mean? Learn all the industry secrets
  • Use social media to boost your income to epic proportions
  • Your marketing mix - what is it? We'll show you how

Complimentary Bonus for this section:

Free website: Free author website template, complete with scripts to customise it!

Week 8: Finding the next step | Self-published vs publisher vs agent?

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

Here's where you get to really see your life as a published author come to light. This week, you will make the decision whether to go it alone as a self-published author, approach a publisher direct or have the comfort of an agent to work on your behalf.

  • Find out the benefits of agents and publishers
  • Look through a sample publishing contract
  • Investigate the best terms and what to look out for in seeking a deal
  • Get out clauses - Why they can be good or bad

Complimentary Bonus for this section:

List of agents & publishers: Recommendations for getting your book represented.

Week 9: How to pitch and sell to an agent or publisher

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

You can have the best product in the world but if no one knows about it, you won't make any money. Marketing and selling sound like big scary animals but Neil breaks it down into easy steps for you. Neil spent 7 years working in sales and knows all the tricks. This week gives you those magic keys to success.

  • Learn how to identify your 'target audience', which will help you sell more
  • Access my best tips for free advertising to grab customers' attention
  • Telling people what they want / need to hear (and how to tell them)

Complimentary bonus for this section:

Worksheet: How to position yourself for success
MP3: Interview with a public speaking coach about what authors can do to be more presentable
Whitepaper: Selling tips for authors

Week 10: Postitioning for success | Making more money once you're published

Week 1 - Finding An Audience For Your Book

Once you have your publishing deal, your publisher will want you to promote your book. Moreover, you will want to maximise the income you generate from your writing. A great way to do this is through events and talking appointments, and we'll show you how.

  • Author events: Planning, organising and running events in schools and libraries
  • Using cheap methods to increase your followings on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Making the most of your publisher
  • Getting gigs: CRB checks and what to say to make people want you to visit
  • Getting free publicity: It's easier than you think
  • How to follow industry trends and national holidays to promote your book

Complimentary bonuses for this section:

Letter Templates: School-approach letters to make it easier to get gigs
Using libraries: Workshop guide
Data gathering: Competition template to create a marketing list

This 10 week self-study international course has helped 100s of people fulfill their dream

"Neil Trigger is a rarity; he is not only an excellent writer, he also has the ability to help other writers greatly improve their own writing and has an incredible understanding of what makes a story work."
- Duncan Saunders, UK. Author of Dinosaurs, Aliens And The Shop That Sells Everything

"Neil Trigger has the amazing ability to look at things from a totally different perspective. He's able to distill the essence of a problem and find a solution, and is constantly striving for new ways to solve problems and improve his business, always willing to learn new things and take on new challenges. His inter-personal skills are excellent and he relates to people from all walks of life, pushing them to become the best they can be, always encouraging and supportive and ready to offer advice whenever asked. Neil's experience in marketing, media and publishing make him ideally suited to run any course, as he loves sharing what he knows and has learned with others. An experienced and successful author himself, Neil understands exactly what it really takes to get published in a competitive market."
- Katy Krump - Author of The Blue Dust Series

"I have been lucky enough to work with Neil Trigger now for almost a year. Neil took me on as an almost unknown writer and gave me the chance to become much more. He has worked tirelessly for me to publish and promote my children's fantasy novel, 'Caution: Witch in Progress'. Neil is even the designer of the wonderful cover for my book, and he encouraged me to be involved in all decisions about the cover that best suited my book.
Neil is a great, friendly guy who always thinks positively. He works very hard and somehow manages to give his personal and professional attention to each of his growing number of authors. My book was launched at Earl's Court Book Fair. You don't get a bigger start than that! Neil has changed my life, and for that I will always be grateful."
Lynne North. Author of Caution: Witch In Progress

"I wish this course had been around when I first started out 20 years ago - it would've saved me a lot of money, time and heartache!"

Hello potential student! I've been a writer for over twenty years and I love teaching this exciting art and science to others. After my first book - The Weird Case of Mrs Etherington-Strange - was published, I started Ghostly Publishing; a children's book publisher, which led to me being swamped with emails from people from all over the world asking where they could learn how to make a living as an author too. Most of them were already writers of some sort; fantasy, science-fiction and so on and they also wanted to sell their books too. I realised that in the UK and beyond there was no in-depth distance learning course provided by any of the major publishers - so I created one.

I have partnered with other authors and professional writer organisations to create this course which took me several years to develop and every year I still update it so the knowledge is current. I care very much about giving the very best training to all of my students, wherever they are in the world. I'm really pleased to welcome wannabe authors from across the globe for 10 dilligently phrased weeks of study and practice.

This course is like having private access to my brain and my own writing tools library. I look forward to your success.

Neil Trigger: Course Creator

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